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The mission of our guild is to provide a fun, friendly and helpful environment to players of all levels and backgrounds. We do not tolerate anyone making another play feel unwelcomed or uncomfortable. The officers take the duty of keeping a friendly environment to play in very seriously. Please read on for more information on our guild policys and procedures..

Guild Chat

We have players of all ages and backgrounds in our guild. We have a very active guild chat during most of any given day. To keep our guild "family friendly" we ask that you refrain from cursing or making vulgar comments. We also do not tolerate name calling, belittling or any other behavior that may make a player feel unfortable. We we releaze that there are bound to be disputes from time to time, the place to settle them is NOT in our guild chat.'


We also ask that our players not talk unkindly about players in other guilds. We should really only be concerned with our guild. Remember, someone wise once said "Sometimes you're ahead, Somtimes your behind, but the race is long and in the end only with yourself."


Players which cause an issue in our guild chat will first be warned to please correct their behavior. As a last resort, an officer of the guild can demote any player to the "Probation" rank which will remove their ability to talk in guild chat. Players which are demoted to "Probation" generally remain at that rank for 24 hrs, but this can change at the discretion of the senior officers and Guildmasters. Any decision made by the Assistant Guildmasters or Guild Master is final.


Representing Our Guild

As one of the larger guilds on our server, other players see our members in the game in just about every major city. We ask that you please keep that in mind when talking in trade chat, questing, instancing and raiding. We love to hear lots of positive feedback from other players on the server.


We also like our players to show the Contemporary Heroes team spirit when in teaming up with people who are not in our guild. We have an excellent repuation for being quality, nice people to play with and we want to maintain that far into the future.


Again, any offenses related to this will be handled by the guild leadership in whichever manner is appropriate for the situation.


Requesting Help

There are people in the guild willing to help out in a variety of ways, however, please be patient. Leveling runs or other assistance are taking time from another player's own playtime and not expected. Also for leveling runs or quest assistance keep in mind, there are people of all levels that belong to our guild, so try to group up with players close to your own level if help is not available. Repeated spamming guild chat for help is cause for action from our guild officers.


Guild Bank Usage

We are very fortunate to have a six-tab guild bank that is usually filled with useful items. We ask that you please refer to the following guildines when using our guild bank.


Please DO NOT deposit any "poor quality" (gray) items in the guild bank. Even with six tabs the bank does indeed fill up quickly and these items are of really no practical use.


Please DO deposit any "uncommon quality" (green) or "rare quality" (blue) items that you wish to spare. These items (with the exception some armor items) are used to generate enchanting materials for the guild.


Please DO deposit any items which you wish to craft for the guild as well as the materials for other crafters to use. This includes cloth, herbs, ore/bars, thread, item enhancements etc.


When making a deposit please try to find the tab with the like materials and place your donation there. If you are unsure please contact any guild officer.


If you depositing valuable items (for example Epic QualityItems etc) please put them onto one of the Officer Only bank tab as these are secure tabs that only officers can access.


As a member in good standing with the guild, you are allowed to withdraw items from the guild bank.. The items in the guild bank are for use by the members so do not be shy or feel that you need to ask permission to withdraw items. We do ask; however, that you only take things that you actually need. Taking items from the guild bank with the intent to auction them (for example taking a stack of gems without being a jewelcrafter) is grounds for demotion in guild rank. If you have any questions please contact your officer.


To help us stay on top of our guild bank, we have automated software which tracks the transactions in our guild bank on a daily basis.


As a member in good standing, you are able to use the guild repair (up to your daily limit) as often as you wish. It is provided as a service by the guild and as such everyone is free to use it.



Guild rank promotions are done on a weekly basis. They usually occur on Tuesdays. Promotions are based on guild raid ranks. If you wish to be promoted, you need to fill out a Raiding application.


Sadly, there are those which become inactive over a period of time. Players which have not logged in for 30 days will unfortunately be kicked from the guild for inactivity. Players removed for this reason are always welcome back if they become active again. If you think this may happen to you for some reason, please contact Firestaryvfd prefferably by in game mail. If we know that you are going to be away you will not be removed.


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