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Guild Officers

Guild Organization

In order to better serve the needs of our members, our guild uses a tiered management system. Our officers are divided into Guild Leaders, Senior Officers and Member Officers. For every 20 members that we add to the guild we try to add an addional officer. Each guild member also has an assigned officer to help with things such as guild bank requests, crafting requests and promotion reccomendations.

Your assisgned guild officer is the first person you should contact with a question or a concern. If for some reason your assigned officer does get back to you in a timely manner, please contact one of the senior officers.

If you are interested in becoming an officer in the guild please contact Firestaryvfd, Bloomyvfd, Blaeys or Jany using the in-game mail system.

Also, please remember, guild officers are players too. While we try our best to answer questions as quickly as possible, please try to be patient. When an officer is a raid or instance, it is very difficult to answer whispers. Also, there are a lot of people that are needing the attention of officers on a daily basis. For this reason, please use the in-game mail system as much as possible. This will help us to not forget about a question or request.

Thank you all and we hope you enjoy the guild,

The Leaders and Officers of Contemporary Heroes.


Our Guildmaster ● Guild Leader ● Guild Mom ● Moi Capitan

Firestaryvfd - ACTIVE

During Fire's time as guild master we have seen the guild grow from 35 active members to well over 600. As the first level 80 in guild (too long ago to remember), she has overseen the progression of many members from leveling to accomplished raiders.

Famous Quote: "It's not about the purple shinies"


Assistant Guild Masters

Bloomyvfd - ACTIVE

Engineer, both in the game and out, makes a living trying to find creative solutions to problems. When not actually playing the game, devotes a fair portion of his time to making the website go. (As well as anything else Fire tells him to do).

Famous Quote: "Ow!"

[No alts]

Blaeys - ACTIVE

As the public relations chair for the guild, Blaeys spends alot of his time answer questions about the way the guild operates. Blaeys is also in charge of selecting members for our guild progression team.

Famous Quote: "Blame me, I need to have a reason to be here."

[No Alts]


Jany has been with us since the days of 35 people in the guild. She has come a long way from the days when she used to "die like it was her job".

Famous Quote: "I need a new -------- wand!"

[Alts: JanyHatesDKs, IloveTrees]

Senior Officers (Justicar)

Aristandra - ACTIVE

Aristandra is always willing to help any guildie. Aris is another officer that has been with the guild since the early days.

Famous Quote: "Gotta run have a customer!"

[Alts: DarkAris, Healzurass]

Bandsaw - ACTIVE

Bandsaw spends his time doing the things that Jany tells him to. Seriously, he is always willing to help out any guildie. (In addition to doing what Jany tells him to do.)

Famous Quote: "Jany needs a better wand!"

[No Alts]

Hugebooger - INACTIVE
(Death Knight)

Bigbooger is the last of the group that has been with us since the beginning. He from the West Coast of the United States, but we don't hold that against him.

Famous Quote: "I'll be leveling my alt."

[Alts: HugeBooger, HolyBooger, SneakyBooger, SmallBooger]

Member Officers (Justicar)


Gasp is our official "head nawga". With either healing or DPS Gasp can get the job done.

Famous Quote: "word"


Zenaida - ACTIVE

Another (surprise) paladin which is a fixture at our raids. Zenaida is one of our healers who try their best to make sure that Bloom as the right gear on for the job he has been given to do.

Famous Quote: "Am I talking too much?"

[No Alts]

Killeanna - ACTIVE

Killeanna is a true team player and another fixture at our progression content. She is always willing to help guidies advance through all levels of content.

Famous Quote: "I am just practicing my dying technique."

[Alts: Kiiaa, Kirraa]

Kirdona - INACTIVE

Kirdona serves as the guild "welcoming committee". Many of you have recieved your guild tabbard from Kirdona. A former guildmaster herself, she tries to keep all members feeling like they are welcome. Currently real life is demanding her attention but we look forward to her return soon.

[No Alts]


Another of our talented priests. She tries her best to make sure that Vik (see above) knows that he is not a tank.

Famous Quote: "He is doing it again."

[Alts: None]

Perseaz - ACTIVE
(Death Knight)

Perseaz is the death knight that changed Bloom's mind about Death Knight tanking. Whether tanking or DPSing he always makes the guild look good.

Famous Quotes: "Hey Jeff".

[Alts: Maenish]

Tungol - ACTIVE

Another one of our fine tanks. Tungol has certainly taken his share of beatings as a tank as we were learning new content. Always a team player, he is happy to fill whichever role is asked of him.

Famous Quote: "I get to DPS? Yes!"

[No Alts]

Vesspertine - ACTIVE

Vesspertine has spent many late nights helping our raiding teams out. He is a master leatherworker and always willing to help out guidies with any level of content.

Famous Quote: "We need to kill it because I need to go to bed."

[No Alts]



Started the tradition of Fish-On-The-Wall, and volcano tacos in the guild. Has been known to eat steak at Fire and Bloom's house.

Famous Quote: "I heal bosses until they bleed."

[Alts: Volcanotaco]

Ralynn - ACTIVE

Ralynn will in exactly 30 years receive the healing mace from Ulduar according to current calculations and luck. As prominent member of the CH healing force, Ralynn manages to somehow even keep Bloom alive.

Famous Quote: "Less talking, more killing."

[Alts: None]

Akael - ACTIVE

Akael can tank, dps and keep Ralynn from being mean when the raid is moving slow. Another of our guild's very strong tank and damage dealers. She is good enough to both kill stuff and be healed by Bloom (even bigger challenge).

Famous Quote:"I could be reading a book, but there isn't any loot in that."

[Alts: None]

Viktorc - ACTIVE

Our very own priest tank. He can heal, he can DPS.. and more often than not he can tank!!

Famous Quote:"You mean I am not the one tanking KT tonight? My bad."

[Alts: None]

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