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Ventrilo Guide
Ventrilo Information

What is Ventrilo?

Ventrilo is a program (external to the WoW) that allows for real time voice communication between players. Ventrilo is preferred over the in-game voice chatting because it does not interfere with the normal sounds that are present in the game. The windows version of Ventrilo can be downloaded here. For other operating systems, the downloads can be found here.

Ventrilo System Requirements

In order to use Ventrilo the following requirements must be met:


• Microphone is required to talk (but not if you are just listening)

• Computer must have a DirectX 8 or higher sound card.


Setting Up Ventrilo

Ventrilo is simple and easy to use. After successfully installing the software, start it up and you will see a screen similar to the one listed below. (Note that some of the boxes will be blank if this is the first time you have ever used Ventrilo.


Step One: Configuring your username

Click on the button which is highlighted below.


You will then see a screen similiar to the one on the right. To setup your new user click on the highlighted button.

Type in your name as you would like it to appear to others in ventrilo. While this could technically be anything, we prefer that you use the name of your main character, so that we can easily indentify you during guild events such as raids. Click the "OK" button after filling in your chosen name. When you are through you will be returned to the screen above. Please click "OK" again and you will be returned to the main screen (as seen below).

Step Two: Setting Up the Server

You will now need to configure your server settings. To start the process please click on the button highlighted in the picture.


Configuring the server is starts out much the same as configuring your username. Please click on the highlighted button. The box below will then appear. Please fill in a name for your new server setup. (We suggest calling it Contemporary Heroes.) When you are through click the "OK" button and you will be returned to the screen on the left.



Fill in the form as shown in the picture on the right. Please be sure to fill it in EXACTLY as it appears. Also please be aware that our ventrilo server is (unfortunately) password protected due to abuse. To receive the password please ask an officer or ask in guild chat.

For obvious reasons, the password will not be posted here.

Also note that this password is subject to change from time to time. You will be notified via in-game mail of any changes.

When you are through, please click the "OK" button to be returned to the main screen of Ventrilo.


Step Three: Connecting and Using

If you see the message "Server is available. Press connect." You have set everything up properly. If not, you should double check the server settings.

To connect, simply press the highlighted button. After you successfully connect you will see a screen similiar to the one below.


All done!

To change rooms (or channels) simply click on the room you would like to be in. (For example, 5 Man 1 etc.)

To speak, the default key is the left Control key (CTRL) on your keyboard. Defpress and hold this key while talking.

Note that the channel names do change on a regular basis due the growing nature of our guild.

Please take the time to take a look at our acceptable use policy for Ventrilo which can be found here.

Enjoy and have fun!



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