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Raiding Rules and Ranks
Raid Ranks

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Raiding Mission

In Contemporary Heroes, our mission, when it comes to raiding, is as follows –

“To give as many people as possible the chance to participate in raids while ensuring everyone involved enjoys the game.”

This differs dramatically from many other raiding guilds, where the goal seems to be to clear as much content as fast as possible to get gear. That approach invariably leaves more people behind while the raid team members are the only ones who get to experience higher level content. We want Contemporary Heroes to be the guild where everyone who puts the effort in gets a chance to raid.

To achieve that goal, we have developed the following rules and guidelines. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to send in-game mail to Firestaryvfd or any Justicar.


General Raiding Rules

While there are level- specific guidelines, the following are required of all participants in any Contemporary Heroes raid. The intent of these rules is to ensure we all have a more enjoyable time. However, we are tracking these and continual disregard for the rules will result in your temporary – and possibly even permanent – removal from the raid calendar:

•  Be on time – this mean having all of your repairs, reagents, etc. and being ready for a summons at the time the raid is scheduled to begin.

•  Plan to stay for the entire raid – we understand real life happens, but, if you accept a raid invite, please plan to stay. If you know you won't be able to finish with the group, please let the raid leader know before accepting the invitation.

•  Bring enough gold to cover your own repairs. This is non-negotiable. Be aware that, on progression content for Progression rated raiders, we expect to wipe a lot as we learn the fights. Depending on your armor type, total repair bills can easily reach several hundred gold pieces.

•  Keep AFKs (away from keyboard) to a minimum. AFKs are the main reason most raids fail to clear sufficient content and are something we track closely (and is the easiest way to have yourself removed from the raid calendar). While we understand there are situations where you absolutely have to step away from the game for real life (please let us know when that is the case), we will begin excluding people who AFK for no real reason from future raid invites.

•  If you do AFK, do not announce it in raid chat or vent. Whisper the raid leader instead. We have found this keeps others from deciding to go AFK at the same moment.

•  Keep a positive attitude and focus on having fun. This includes things like:

•  Being polite to others

•  Waiting until the raid is over to ask for things like enchants, gems, etc.

•  Not complaining about things like loot rules or other guidelines outlined here (if you have issues, please bring them up to a Justicar when we are not in the middle of a raid)

•  Follow the directions of the raid leader. Even if you are an experienced raider, it is important that each raid have one person providing direction and establishing the final strategy. While input is encouraged, directly contradicting the raid leader can lead to confusion and will increase the number of wipes on a boss. Remember that part of the fun is trying new strategies and raid makeups.

Required Add-ons

All raiders at any level of raiding must have Ventrilo installed and have the ability to hear raid leaders. Being able to speak is not necessary. Not having vent at the start of a raid is grounds for removal from the raid. It is the responsibility of each individual raider to have Vent installed and working prior to the raid start time. For help with vent see this link: http://www.the-contemporary-heroes.net/page/show/26655 or ask for help from any Support team member or officer. (Exceptions may be granted in extreme circumstances; however permission for this must be obtained prior to the start of raiding from Firestaryvfd.)


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Raid Rankings

Our guild uses a ranking system to determine who is invited to what content. a>.

It is the individual raider's responsibility to track their own achievements and request raid rank changes.

For the most current information on the requirements for each rank, please visit the appropriate forum section.



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Simply put, we do not primarily raid for loot. Since patch 3.2, there are many ways to gain the loot required to meet the basic requirements outlined here. That allows us to focus our raids on the fun of the experience and the thrill of defeating bosses for the first time – rather than gear.

On all drops, we will main spec roll. All rolls are 1-100 numbers generated by typing "/roll" in the game chat interface. This also includes Bind on Equip items. If there are no rolls for main spec, it will then be posted for off spec rolls. Off spec rolls are open to anyone who can use the item. If there are no off spec rolls, it will be disenchanted (if available) and the Abyss Crystal will be placed in the guild bank, except in the case of Bind On Equip items which will then be rolled on by the entire raid.

If a player wins a Bind on Equip item by using a main or off-spec roll, we ask that you please equip it just long enough to make it soulbound so that you did get an unfair advantage over the players that would have rolled just to sell it or otherwise.

We also ask that all players wait for the item to be linked as a raid warning before rolling, and that raid chat be kept clear during looting to avoid a misloot. Rolls done prior to the raid warning will not count. If a person rolls more than once on an item, that person will be excluded from receiving that item.

One Upgrade per Item Slot

Players can win only one item per Item slot (2 for rings and trinkets) of a gear level (example 359) as a main spec or secondary spec roll. Players with two active and viable specs can win one item per slot per spec.
Tier tokens are considered an upgrade over the current raid item level, therefore if a player has won 359 shoulders they are still able to roll on a shoulder tier token.

Example: Fredwarrior is a capable tank and a capable dps. He wins dps shoulders on a main spec roll and tank boots on a secondary spec roll. Several weeks later different set of tank boots drops. He is not able to roll on the boots as either main or secondary because he has already received tank boots from that tier of raiding. He is also not able to roll main or secondary spec on dps shoulders, however he can roll on a shoulder tier token.

For recipes, crafting pattern, schematics, plans, etc., we as that your are of the current skill level to learn the pattern immediately upon receipt and that you do not already know the item.

For the purpose of deciding what is main spec, the following guidelines have been developed:

Cloth Gear
Spirit is considered main spec for priests both healing and dps.
Hit is considered main spec for a dps only.
Gear without spirit and hit is considered main spec for all cloth wearers.

Leather Gear
Leather gear with agility is main spec for feral druids (tank and dps) and rogues.
Leather gear with intellect is main spec for boomkin druids and for healing druids.
For leather gear, spirit is not a determining factor in determining main spec.

Mail Gear
Mail gear with agility is main spec for hunters and enhancement shamans.
Mail gear with intellect is main spec for elemental shamans and healing shamans.
For mail gear, spirit is not a determining factor in determining main spec.

Plate Gear
Plate items with intellect are main spec for paladin healers.
Plate items with strength and block are main spec for paladin tanks and warrior tanks.
Plate items with strength and parry are main spec for any plate tank class.
Plate items with strength and dodge are main spec for any plate tank class.
Plate items with strength and critical strike are main spec for any plate dps class.
Plate items with strength and haste are main spec for any plate dps class.
Plate items with strength and hit and no other determining stat are main spec for any plate tank class or any dps plate class.
Plate items with strength and expertise and no other determining stat are main spec for any plate tank class or any plate dps class.

Trinkets, Cloaks, Rings, Necklaces, and Weapons

Because of the complicated nature of Trinkets, Cloaks, Rings, Necklaces, and Weapons the guild will create a list by class and spec of what is considered main spec for each of those items. This will be posted and available for anyone to review prior to raiding and will be available to raid leaders. The loot tables can be found here and here.

Bonus Re-Rolls: In 25-man content, any raider who accepts the invite and is ready to raid 5 minets after the posted starting time will recieve one bonus re-roll for that raid. When loot is rolled for, after main spec rolls, the lootmaster will link the option to use Re-rolls. The player with the highest roll resulting from both main spec and re-roll rolls will recieve the item. A player can use their re-roll one time per raid, and re-rolls are not banked from one raid to the next. A re-roll cannot be used for an item that is not considered main spec. Rerolls can, however, be applice to crafting patterns and to win the ability to decontruct, skin or mine a fallen boss or other item as the raid deems appropriate. If a pug joins our raid, they will be given a Re-roll regardless of the time that they enter the raid out of consideration for their willingness to help out. Re-rolls can be taken away by the raid leader for excessive afking or other behavior that causes the raid to be delayed. If for any reason the Bonus Reroll system is suspended, the raid leader will make that announcement before the raid starts.

Special Loot Considerations

Handling of Legendary Weapon Parts

In order to consolidate efforts in gaining legendary weapons, guild leadership will determine the recipient of raid drop items needed for their construction.

Possible Changes/Other Systems: To make it very clear – these loot rules are non-negotiable.

Based on our experience, we feel that our main spec/off spec random roll system is, by far, the most fair and causes the least amount of grief. It cannot be manipulated easily and ensures every raider has a chance to gain gear – with those raiders who participate in more raids having a higher chance at getting gear. This is made more evident by looking at current gear scores on www.wow-heroes.com . Guild members who have participated in more raids invariably have the higher level gear.

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Other Raiding Information

Raid Leaders

We are always looking for willing and able people to lead our 10 and 25 man content raids. If you are interested please contact Firestaryvfd or Bloomyvfd and we will get you started on your path.

Raid Schedule

We try to have times for each group of people that are interested. We use the in-game calendar system for raid scheduling. Most of our raids occur between 1:00PM server time and 10:00PM server times. We are flexible! If you don't see a raid scheduled at a good time for you contact Firestaryvfd or Bloomyvfd and we will try to help you find a spot to fit in.


In those situations where you are not chosen to participate in a guild raid, you are free to join a pick up group (PUG) with another guild or attempt to form a group with other guild members. We do ask that you wait until after the scheduled guild raid start time to do so to ensure we are able to field a full guild team each week (for example, if the guild Ulduar raid begins on Wednesday at 5 server, please wait until after that run starts to begin looking for a PUG group).

Additionally, if you use guild resources (Ventrilo, flasks from the guild bank, etc) for a PUG group, then you are still expected to follow the rules and guidelines established here pertaining to loot, progression, etc.


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Determining who gets Raid Spots

In general every player who wants to raid is able to raid if they sign up and are on time for scheduled guild raids. Occasionally there are more raiders than we are able to accommodate on a particular raid night. This is extremely rare, our leaders are very experienced in creating viable 10 and 25 man groups and our guild has many higher level raiders with multiple specs or raiders who attend raids purely to help others which gives us a great deal of flexibility. In most cases if you want to raid, you will raid. If we have extra raiders, first the raid leader will ask for volunteers to step out. If you would like to volunteer, please stay in the raid and whisper the raid leader. The raid leader will direct you from there. If there are not enough volunteers, the raid leader will determine which players are essential to the success of the raid. There are many factors in this decision. First the raid leader needs to ensure appropriate raid composition and the raid leader also needs to make sure that there is an appropriate number of Support raiders are in each raid. Remaining players will use the in game rolling system to roll for spots. If a player is rolled out, they will get priority in receiving a spot in later raids. If you were rolled out, when rolls for spots are announced, whisper the raid leader with details. Our goal is to have everyone raid, and we will do our best to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to go.

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