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About Professions

Our guild strongly encourages leveling your professions. The time you take to do this will help you earn gold in the game for yourself, and it will help the guild to have skilled members who can craft items for our members.

To help with that, there are profession guides availiable on the site, there are also materials for leveling available on tabs 2 and 3 of the guild bank, and patterns available on tab 4.

Donations of things used to craft items are very welcome. Please try to put them on the appropriate tab.

If you use mostly guild materials to level your profession, please donate what you make to the guild. It is perticularly helpful if you craft green items that can be disenchanted for materials to help our enchanters. Please ask if you need advice regarding this.

The materials on the crafting tabs are available for you to use. The guild wants you to level professions and we are more than happy to help. If you see something on a tab that you need, and do not have withdrawal privelages, speak to the justicar in charge of professions. Please do not take materials that are not for your personal use in leveling your professions, this is grounds for diciplinary action.

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