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News about Akael/Nellandra and Ralynn
10/02/2014 01:18 PM by firestaryvfd.

There is a forum post that I will try to keep updated located here:


Also, if you register, and I am slow to approve, please feel free to bug me.



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Please read this post
07/15/2014 07:10 PM by firestaryvfd.

Guys, I would appreciate it if you could read this.

► ► ► ►Please Read◄ ◄ ◄ ◄

Thanks. Fire


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Raid Rank Application's are OPEN
11/16/2012 08:11 PM by Hiei.

Make sure you submit your raid rank application ss soon as possible. This will assist us in getting you raiding FASTER.

► ► ► ►Application Page◄ ◄ ◄ ◄


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New Raiding Information
10/16/2012 11:16 AM by firestaryvfd.

Information about guild raiding in the new expansion is available. Please visit the Information forum for more information. While you are there, I strongly recommend that you review the four announcement posts.


Also, in an effort to create a raid schedule that makes sense for you guys, there is a survey posted to help me understand what days and times work best for you. PLEASE fill out the survey. It will help tremendously.



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Onward to Panderia
09/17/2012 11:01 PM by Hiei.

"Mists of Pandaria is upon us!

Grinding and questing in guild groups should help us all get leveled quickly and safely! ^_^
World PvP might make these first couple of weeks especially frusterating so feel free to call on your guildies for help!

We have changed our raid ranking system for the expansion and you can expect it to be up and running a couple of weeks after release.
Once everyone has had a chance to get leveled and settled we will post descriptive information on rank requirements.
As always, applications will be processed here on our website.

Feel free to utilize our guild bank tabs to level your professions.
But please be considerate of others and do not take entire stacks of mats if they are not needed.

Let's get excited and have fun this next couple of weeks (pet battles OMG)!
Running in teams, doing guild runs in new instances, and LookingForRaid will help everyone get where they want to be. ^_^

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